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Crackle the coals with meat from Geneva. Memorable barbecues guaranteed.

Discover our boucherie in Geneva (Plainpalais)!

For those who prefer human contact, take advantage of our butcher's advice and the full Meaty assortment in store.
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Eat responsible meat
Meaty's meat comes from 100% local circuits that promote animal welfare and respect the environment.
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How does Meaty work?

Meaty is based on a simple idea:

beast sharing

Sharing the beast

Participants get together to buy an animal and share all the parts. Until now, the main drawback of this idea has been the difficulty of bringing consumers together and getting them to agree. Thanks to today's technology, the process is simplified to just three steps:

peak orders

Set your order

pic boucherie

Cutting & preparation

peak delivery

Delivery &

There's no minimum quantity required; just choose your pieces, validate your order, and that's it!
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Your benefits

peak quality

Local quality meat

Natural farming methods, extended maturation and a wide choice of cuts.

responsible peak

Responsible consumption

Promoting local, fair and ecological trade, with respect for animals.

price peak

Attractive prices

Thanks to the elimination of intermediaries. Net weight invoicing.

The Meaty guarantee

Animal welfare

Outdoor rearing

Artisanal slaughter

Intensive breeding

Long motorized journeys


Whole animal sold

Extended meat maturation



Short circuit

Economic equity

Eco-friendly methods


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Your satisfaction: our success

Many of you have left your opinion.
Here are a few comments

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Google reviews

+100 reviews - 4.9/5

November 2022
A great welcome. The chipo is to die for! Tasty and not too fatty, a real treat. I'll be back again.
November 2022
At the top 👍🏻 Quality meat, always tender even when overcooked. Yann is very attentive. It's always a pleasure to come every week. 🙏
July 2022
Quality meat, local, eco-responsible initiative, home delivery with a smile. What more could you ask for?

They talk about us

media and partners

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abattoir meinier

Meinier slaughterhouse

No more than one cow at a time at the Meinier abattoir.

A company on a human scale for the dignity of animals.

More questions?

The butcher's shop is open Wednesday to Friday from 2pm to 7pm and Saturday from 8:30am to 4pm.
For further information, please visit the corresponding page.

Each piece is characterized by a weight per unit. The price is indicated per unit as well as per kilo.

Each line in the basket represents a package containing the indicated weight.

It is possible to add the same product to the basket several times (and thus create several lines) in order to specify separate packaging.

In case of doubt, you can always use the "Order notes" field to indicate your wishes.

At Meaty, the buyer always pays the net weight of the meat received.

When you order, you pay for the quantities you require + the safety margin (20%).

When we prepare your order, we note the actual weights.

Amount paid - Effective price = Amount refunded. This information is summarized by email. Refunds are usually made within a week of delivery.

We don't sell trays from meat factories. The sharing of animals is subject to logistical constraints.

Although our system has proven its efficiency and accuracy, each animal has its own specificities and we cannot know in advance the exact quantities of each piece available. What's more, we insist that the buyer pays the net weight of the meat received.

For these reasons, and also to avoid waste, we charge a margin of 20% of the order price. This margin allows us to be flexible in terms of actual quantities, adjusting the items ordered slightly if necessary.

⚠️ In most cases, we refund part or all of this amount because we don't need it.

In general, 200g of meat per person is sufficient. For bony cuts such as beef ribs or leg of lamb, allow 300g per person. Some cuts, such as pork ribs, are very bony, in which case you should allow 400g per person.

Of course, these quantities are indicative and depend largely on the appetite of the guests.

For each animal share, the delivery dates are indicated in the "Delivery and collection" section. This information is also displayed on the order confirmation email.

For the moment, Meaty is active in Geneva and Lausanne.

See all the information on the relevant page.

To unsubscribe from our newsletter (email), simply use the link at the bottom of each email.

To unsubscribe from SMS notifications, please visit this page.

Meat is delivered vacuum-packed to maximize shelf life. It can be kept for up to 9 days in the refrigerator (depending on the cuts; exact date indicated on the packaging). It can also be kept for several months in the freezer. But be careful when defrosting!

Detailed information on freezing

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Some ideas to consider

Meat consumption is a vast subject.
Here are our latest inspirations on the subject:


The concept

Faced with the socio-economic and environmental problems facing humanity today, two friends set out to "make things happen".

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WAGYU 100%


Meaty is honored to offer a share of pure-bred Wagyu beef, raised at the foot of the mountains in the best conditions.

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