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Pick-up and delivery

Meaty strives to provide efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective delivery.

Collection points

All orders placed on can be collected free of charge in Geneva at the following locations:

In Lausanne, withdrawals cost CHF 10 and can be made at the following locations:

Please refer to the respective Google Maps (links) for exact location and opening times.

Please note that we are currently looking for new collection points and that this list will evolve over time.

Preparation date

Depending on the products ordered, there are 3 different scenarios:

  • For shared cattle (beef, pork, lamb) and poultry, orders placed by Sunday evening are prepared for the following Thursday.
  • If your order contains only quick-delivery products (Frozen, Premium, Delicatessen, etc.), the delivery date is up to you. You indicate your choice at the time of purchase, and we will contact you if your choice is not suitable.
  • If your order contains products of both types, it will also be prepared on Thursday.

This information is displayed in the "Pick-up and delivery" section for the products in question. After purchase, it is displayed again in the confirmation emails.

Delivery costs

For the moment, home delivery is only available in Geneva.

There are three pricing rules depending on the delivery zone. Discounts are available on orders of CHF 100 or more. Whatever the zone, every first order with an account entitles you to free delivery.

Zone 1

1201 à 1211

10.- CHF from 0.- CHF purchase
5.00 CHF from 100.00 CHF purchase
free of charge for purchases over 200

Zone 2

1212 - 1216, 1218 - 1220, 1223 à 1228, 1231, 1234

15.00 CHF from 0.00 CHF purchase
CHF 7.50 from CHF 100.00 purchase
free of charge for purchases over 200

Zone 3

1217, 1222, 1232, 1233, 1236, 1237, 1239 - 1248, 1251 - 1258, 1281, 1283 - 1290, 1292 - 1294

20.- CHF from 0.- CHF purchase
10.00 CHF from 100.00 CHF purchase
free of charge for purchases over 200

Outside the canton of Geneva, only collection at collection points is possible.

Environmentally-friendly refrigerated delivery

Delivery is made by bicycle, and refrigeration is free of polluting gases. The cold chain is respected in all circumstances. In special circumstances (special weather conditions, isolated address), delivery may be made by scooter or car.

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